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Naira scarcity: Companies and individuals in Nigeria stranded as a result poor Economic management.

As of today, series of protests have hit cities in some states in Nigeria. Expressing their dismays in the way new naira policy is been managed.

Several protesters has accused commercial banks for hoarding cash for politicians which has prompt to unavailability of cash in the ATM.

Nevertheless, Some persons were being seen in videos as early as 4 am with mattresses lying around ATMs with the hope of withdrawing cash whenever the cash is loaded into the ATM.

Recently,  some Bank Officials were arrested for hoarding cash in the ATM. This angered several persons which led to protests and mayhem carried out by some citizen expressing their anger.

At the same point, some companies are being forced to halt operations. Some commercial banks in Nigeria have come to a temporary halt in operation as customers storm and force their way into the banks fighting and causing havoc in the quest of expressing their anger over the circumstances.

Small businesses and enterprise are suffering low turn out as a result of unavailability of the currency.
Not only the unavailability of cash but also poor online banking sector.
Most Nigerians can't carry out online banking transaction because of poor network or server maintenance.

Here are some Nigerian reactions concerning the issue:

"The people protesting over Naira scarcity did not protest over fuel or light scarcity, or ASUU strike. I suspect that this "protest" is political, driven by those who need cash to buy votes. Protest with your vote on election day. Do not die in their war!"- -Babatunde Gbadamosi

"ASUU was on strike for 8 months, Governors didn’t visit Buhari to end it, 5 months of fuel scarcity Governors didn’t visit President Buhari.Naira redesign that will stop vote buying, Governors go to visit Buhari to stop it.The question is do politicians truly care about you?"--Rufai Oseni

"Pres. Buhari, this is not how you want to end your tenure!😭

Emefiele is working for Atiku and will do anything to tarnish your legacy!

Pls allow these old women access their money"--Success Osahenkhoe

"Protest won’t change #Nigeria situation, ONLY a BALLOT REVOLUTION will."--Meg Essien

 "Godwin Emiefele isn't the cause of diverse woes burning up the country. Sacking him won't solve any thing. If you're familiar with chess, you'll understand the pattern of British and Fulani colonists. It's painful most southerners are not mentally sound. They have mental autism." --Sam Davoclyn

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